Legal Guides

There are many different legal issues which can be complex, so we have compiled the following legal guides to help you understand.

Asylum Seeking

Asylum seeker Tent City

The UK’s asylum law process constantly changes. Keep up with the asylum laws. Get help with applications, eligibility, interviews, screenings and detention.
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Buying a House

Buying a house

Buying a house can be a risky investment. Get help finding the perfect home, making a successful offer, exchanging contracts and completing the purchase.
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Disputes at Work

problems at work

Problems and disputes at work can lead to complicated legal action. Get help with validating your claim, the procedures involved, tribunals and costs.
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Getting a Divorce

Family quarrel

Divorce is complicated for everyone involved. Find out if you have grounds for divorce, and get help on finance, childcare, mediation and property disputes.
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Moving in Together

renting a home

Moving in together before marriage means there is less legal protection if you separate. Get help with finance, wills, childcare, contracts and home-owning.
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Injury Claims

Personal Injury

If you suffered an injury in an accident you may want compensation. Find out if you can make a personal injury claim, how to pursue it and its costs.
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Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney means if a person’s health deteriorates, their attorney can manage their finances and other issues. Read our guide for more information.
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Estates of the deceased need administering. A probate lets you be an executor. Get help with applying for a grant of probate and distributing an estate.
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Renting a Home


Renting a home can lead to many legal disputes, with the deposit at risk. Get help choosing a property, making tenancy agreements and ending your stay.
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Renting out Property

Property To Let Sign

Renting out property can bring in more income, but legal disputes can arise. Get help creating tenancy agreements and understanding responsibilities.
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Starting a Business

business concept

Setting up a business can be a risky investment, so guard against pitfalls and disputes. Get help starting up, getting insured and running the business.
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Writing a Will

Law of Contract

Make sure your family and friends are protected when you die. Get help on what to include in your will, how to update it, and who to choose as an executor.
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